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Shaghayegh Claudia Lynx, (born June 8, 1982), is a Persian Canadian, Actor, Model Writer, Humanitarian, and a former Persian Pop Star.
Claudia Lynx was born in Tehran, Iran to a Persian father and Mother. Her mother died at the age of 24 (a few minutes after giving birth to Claudia). The family of four (including her Father, older brother, and their nanny who was like a mother to the kids) moved out of Iran to Europe when Lynx was only three months, and have never returned since. Claudia was destined to be in front of the camera, and the family knew she was in love with acting at a very young age, and she began her life as an actress and model in Europe at the young age of three, appearing in various TV shows, commercials, and various ads in Europe and Canada. and now Internationally.  Claudia came to prominence in 2000 as the first Persian born Actress/ Model who brought the western culture into the Persian entertainment market. Her smash hit singles "Oh Daddy" and "Chareh Chieh" (2000) and a couple more songs were recorded at the age of sixteen and was done intentionally for a demo sample when her former management released it a few years later without the consent of Claudia Lynx herself.

Claudia Lynx got her first break at the age of three when she was discovered by a casting director by the name of Katrina Karingeborg. She was casting for a range of various baby products, and was in search of a fresh new baby face. The casting director was mesmerized by Claudia Lynx’s persona and adorable appearance as well as cute personality.  Baby Claudia's father was approached and asked permission for casting his beautiful daughter in a forthcoming advertisement for baby diapers. They family approved, and soon Claudia became very popular in Europe and was known to be the most adorable diapers baby for a couple of years.At age five, Lynx, her Father, older brother, and their nanny moved to Toronto, Canada where she continued her career as a child actress starring in various kids shows, as a host and a young actress. Claudia was very popular in Toronto especially in the Iranian community.

 At the age of eleven, Claudia Lynx was casted to Host and act in the kids segment of a Farsi speaking television show. The show immediately skyrocketed after the Persian community was introduced to the very adorable and energetic young actress. Lynx left the show after two years. At the age of thirteen, Claudia Lynx became the Actress, Writer, Co-Director and Host of another popular hit Persian-Canadian T.V. show, ''Tamasha T.V.'' which was aired every Sunday, from 1995-1997.

Claudia Lynx is adored and followed by millions of fans. She is very well known for her stunningly beautiful looks, talent and the kind charity work she continues to follow including the very recent 2008 charity event that took place in Devon, England on Claudia Lynx's birthday (June 8th) where the star was a special guest along side her close friend's, The Jackson family. Claudia Lynx, who is also known as Shaghayegh, is the most famous and popular fashion model in the Iranian community (approximately sixty million) and is also the biggest beauty Icon in four decades, which earned her the nickname "The Goddess Of Persia"/ "Persian Goddess", and is now referred to as "The Most Beautiful Woman Alive" internationally, after winning the number one spot for three executive years (2009-2011) by major international celebrity polls.

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