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Daimler Trucks Concept North America

Daimler Trucks North America has been in the Hall of Mid-America Trucking in Kentucky to launch the new concept of merchantable quality traffic. Concept Truck to the innovation introduced fuel-saving innovations in the Freightliner Cascadia, which has streamlined transport companies, and becomes eleven. Aero is included in the panels to change rear skid plates for the low, a roof spoiler and front air splitter.

In addition, the side mirror was replaced by a camera to reduce friction. Once a speed race truck with the innovations of the swim bladder to reduce, to further reduce fuel consumption. Wireless data system tire pressure monitoring onboard navigation / infotainment screen in the cockpit. Also present in the new Freightliner trucks RunSmart Predictive Cruise Control.

With an emphasis on fuel consumption, it is no wonder that Daimler diesel with BlueTEC emissions after treatment, the liquid urea injected directly into the exhaust, was to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides installed. Finally, technology allows trucks to Park Smart climate control VHAC without engine performance by using the truck on both sides of the battery are working.
Daimler said the concept of innovation is a truck designed to “show our customers what they can expect from us in the near future,” we are aware of a threat to the truck semi-matt black the next Once we got out of traveling.

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