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Porsche Cayenne 955 Tuning by Prior Design

Especially for owners of the first generation of the SUV model from Stuttgart Porsche Cayenne,
wishing for a relatively small price to personalize their car, Prior Design German company offers a new agenda setting. As usual all Bodykit includes a new body kit that allows you to refresh the exterior of the old model and other parts sold separately for an additional fee.

Made of reinforced plastic body parts reduces the weight by several kilograms, which improves the aerodynamics of the SUV model. The new front bumper has three large air intakes with integrated fog and horizontal LED daytime running lights. Extended wheel arches help to fit more massive disks and the wide low profile tires. Sporty look is emphasized by new sills that upon request by the client can be marked with the company logo Prior Design. Revised rear bumper has chetirirebren diffuser, which shall be submitted double oval tailpipes. At the end of the roof tuners have put spoiler.
Aerodynamic package will cost € 3,900, excluding the cost of installation and painting. The price of the final model depends on the tastes and preferences of the owner of the SUV-a. For paying customers will be offered updated tail lights, dark windows and replacement of incandescent lights to LED.

For further customization of vehicles for customers will be available forged wheels with a different design and size.

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