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Alfa Romeo 8C

The car is similar to the early Alfa Romeo sports cars of the 1930s and is a tribute to the 1948 6 cylinder 2500 Alfa Romeo Competizione which was a third place show in both the 1949 and 1950 Millie Miglia and won the 1950 Targa Florio.
Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione however is a convertible with a hood hinge at the rear. Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione is produced with a carbon fibre shell in just 4 colours, yellow, black and two shades of red 8c Red and Competition Red. This makes the 8c Competizione look lean and gives it exceptional strength and torsional rigidity. It has an 8 cylinder and uses the now standard Maserati type 90 degree cross-plane 4.71 litres V8 engine. It has a peak torque of 480Nm and has a horsepower of 330 kW.

source: auto-online.com

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