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BAC Mono single-seater race car

The body of the vehicle is made out of carbon fiber, for reduced weight and great resistance, while the manufacturers have hidden a 2.3l Cosworth engine that develops up to 280 HP under the bonnet. All that power is controlled and distributed by a 6-speed sequential gear-box and transmission along with a limited-slip differential.
Even if the power doesn’t seem to put it in the supercar class, it’s to remember that the BAC Mono Seat Single Racer weighs only 1,190 lbs and has a power to weight ratio of 520HP/ton, which is great, superior to even a Bugatti Veyron or any Ferraris and Lamborghinis out there.That means only 1 thing – speed! The 170 mph-top-speed beast-car accelerates from naught to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and from naught to 100mph in 6.7. This is a great means of entertainment, but keep in mind that all that power needs attention, during driving sessions, or it may turn against you. It costs $130,000, a bargain if your pockets are large enough.

source: luxatic.com

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