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The biggest home for cars?

Emperors and empires have existed throughout world history. But here is an emperor and an empire with a difference - a difference so huge that it would not have been even imagined had it not existed! It is not a coincidence that theThe Empire Hotel in Brunei is witness to the greatest empire of cars. A garage, the size of five aircraft hangars, holds within it a collection of 7000 of the world' finest cars with a combined estimated value of $5 billion!
A neatly classified garage

It would be misleading to call this palace of cars as a garage but even if we were to call it so functionally, it is much more than that. It has separate wings to hold the different brands. Thus, there is a Mercedes wing, a Rolls Royce wing, a Lamborghini wing, a Jaguar wing, a BMW wing, a Ferrari wing, a Porsche wing, a Bentley wing and so on! Some of the cars housed here are the only ones of their kind on the face of the earth like thePorsche Carma and the right-hand drive Mercedes CLKGTR. Several concept cars like the Ferrari Mythos and Pininfarina-designed Jaguar XJ-220 also grace the 'garage'.

A King's Life

The cars also seem to share the royal life of the Sultan. They barely get out of the garage because of two reasons:
1. A car parked all the way at the back may need almost 1.5 hours to be brought out.
2. With a ratio of more than 100 cars per individual in the Sultan's family and court, a car gets to be used only thrice a year even probabilistically!

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