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DUU Motorcycles by Cafe Racer & Superbike Company

These gorgeous looking motorcycles are designed and built by an Italian company, based in Milan, named Café Racer & Superbike. They manufacture exquisite motorcycles, for exclusive customers all around the world, who enjoy cruising on bikes that will turn a lot of heads on the streets.
Their projects, named DUU, come with powerful American engines with high amounts of torque, mounted on Italian chassis and accompanied by specific Italian trim and designs. What sets them apart from other motorcycle brands are their air cooling systems, with side distribution camshafts, which eliminate the need of radiators, just like vintage two-wheelers.They come in Conlatusa and Deperlu versions, featuring DUU chassis and 148 Nm torque. The aforementioned characteristics make these bikes suitable for all sorts of terrains. In case you’d like to find out more about these bikes, you should go to their official website.

source: luxatic.com

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