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First One-piece Carbon Fiber Wheel by Carbon Revolution

What seemed impossible until now has just become possible, thanks to a privately owned company based in Australia, named Carbon Revolution. Their latest achievement, dubbed the CR9, is the first set of one-piece carbon fiber rims ever manufactured. The extensive project was possible thanks to a whole congregation of specialists, engineers and top builders.
Although aluminum is considered one of the lightest materials to craft wheels from, these carbon fiber ones are actually 40 to 50% lighter than their metallic counterparts. They have actually exceeded all laboratory and track tests and let’s also add that the OEM standards are an easy-catch for these wheels.

Just because they’re so much lighter, they provide more control over the car, in terms of ride, braking and steering responsiveness. The one-piece construction of the wheels is also supported by a collection of state of the art alloys used in aerospace engineering.

At first, the CR9 was merely a project, an independent research and development program. Carbon Revolution have also collaborated with a top research institution in order to provide the most efficiency out of these rims.

The brand will be selling a limited number of wheels on global markets, but most of the ones they’ll be manufacturing will go into research and further development, in industrial, aerospace and OEM fields.

source: luxatic.com

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