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730-hp Corvette ZR1 by GeigerCars

Bavarian tuner GeigerCars has come up with a performance package for the king of American sports cars, the Corvette ZR1. Built to conquer the 2012 Tuner Grand Prix, this is a race car for the streets with a colossal 730 horsepower.
That is about a 100 horsepower more than the standard ZR1, brought on by modified cylinder heads, camshafts, pistons, as well as optimized air intake system, exhaust, and intercooers. The result is 730 horsepower and 950 nm of torque.

Geiger’s ZR1 can reach a top speed of 355 km/h, so the changes they have made to the car’s aerodynamic and suspension system to cope with it are most welcome. They also give you a pair of Recaro race seats, but the coolest things they’ve added to this car are those skull graphics on the bonnet and also on the back.

The performance of this ZR1 is certainly very tempting, but the price tag might put you off. It costs 234,788 euros.


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