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Chevy Silverado dually converted into a 1400hp monster

The sight of the massive new Double Dually pick-up truck manufactured by Spectre Performance is sure to whip you off your seats. Spectre Performance the makers of familiar brand names like the carbon fibered Camaro and 2JZ Ford Maverick, conceptualized the Double Dually by rechristening a 2004 version of the Chevy Silverado dually from scratch. The truck was intended primarily to be the towing vehicle for Specter’s land speed racers at Bonneville like Ferrari F40 and the Cadillac propelled streamliner.
It is extremely important for any pick-up truck meant for kick starting cars at Bonneville, to have an efficient traction system. The traction system of the Double dually is superb thanks to the eight driven wheels on the pickup truck’s custom-made rear sub-frame. The Dually was originally conceived to be run on a supercharged GM 8.1 V8 engine, which has now been subsequently equipped with Cadillac big block 500 cubic inch Garret turbochargers. Built by expert car designers at the Cadillac factory, the motors shell out a max horsepower if 1,425 hp and 1.671 foot pounds of torque. Once the monstrous Caddy motor was installed, the car's front suspension, was modified with basic features like QA1 shocks, one-off upper and lower control arms and Firestone 26C airbags.

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