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Chevy Silverado on 32-Inch Forgiato Wheels [Video]

Custom cars in Florida are in a league of their own. They guys will take any old sedan out there and put on the largest wheels you’d never think would fit. And in fact they don’t fit, because parts of the fenders and bumpers have to be shaved off to maker room.
This odd looking Fred Flintstone used to be a regular old Chevy Silverado pickup, an American legend in the making. The guys at Dynasty Customs in Tampa Bay fitted it with new 32-inch ENZO wheels from Forgiato. These have huge chrome rims and massive lips.

The custom truck also has tinted lights, chrome mirrors and a brand new grille, not to mention a banging sound system. All these mods have the potential of adding at least $10,000 to the price tag, so it’s quite serious business, even though it looks like a clown car.


source: autoevolution.com

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