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DC Design one-off Rolls Royce is up for sale

Indian styling house DC Design created this one-off Rolls Royce four years ago, a car with Enzo-style doors that will surely turn a lot of heads, huge wheels and other styling changes that will make anyone wonder if that’s a Rolls Royce or a Batmobile.
The DC Design Rolls Royce looks like the result that you will get by crossing a Nissan 350Z with a Rolls Royce and it was originally created by the Indian-based design firm for a Maharajah for his private collection. Maybe he had some troubles getting used to the Enzo-style doors or maybe he thought it’s too weird for him to drive it but this unique take on Rolls Royce is now up for grabs.

The special Rolls Royce by DC Design has been listed for sale by a London-based company at 750,000 Euros ($1,176,000).

source: luxatic.com

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