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Pro Street 1965 Fairlane

The 16th Annual Silver Springs Ford & Mustang Roundup Sixteen years is a long time for anything these days, but we’re constantly amazed at the flyers we receive here at the office for shows all across the country that are well into the double digits for their annual show. A successful show isn’t easy to come by.
You have to have a nice location, a good date on the calendar (you know how many shows are scheduled for Father’s Day weekend every year?), and a well-organized staff of club members or employees to handle the logistics. A big show (we’re talking 200 or more cars) can’t be handled by just one person. Just because a show has a “show chairperson” doesn’t mean that they are responsible for everything. No, delegation is the keyword and it takes several people to do it right-someone to handle registration, someone to handle vendors, and so forth. Day of show is a whole ‘nother monster with lines of cars that need to be run through registration and parked in a timely manner. No one wants to sit in a line overheating just to get into a car show. Not even me!

Source: mustangandfords.com

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