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Street Racer is a Ferrari of E-Bikes

E-bikes are gaining ground in this world of fast cars and powerful two-wheelers. The need for eco-friendly transportation has inspired designers to create easy to handle and comfortable bikes that don’t require you to stress yourself while riding. EH Line’s latest range of e-bikes called Street Racer has been named the Ferrari of the line-up owing to its electric motor and riding dynamics.The colorful bike can take you to speeds of 45 kmph. The 250W motor, which is tastefully concealed, drives you longer distances on a single charge though we can’t confirm the driving range. What we do know is that it’s selling for an expensive price of $9,250 which will make it a tad difficult to buy. What we do like is the look of the Street Racer with its soft curves and sporty design. Ideal for non-racers, the e-bike is a good investment if you’re searching for a two-wheeler to ride short distances.The efficient bike has been constructed out of carbon monocoque for superior strength and rigidity. It makes use of a BionX engine with power sensing capability to enhance your riding experience. The lightweight body enables faster acceleration and easy handling which is something non-racers look for in a bike. The Street Racer weighs 16 kg and can also be used without the motor if you want to work up a sweat.What buyers will appreciate is the training mode that enables riders to simulate gradients consisting of four levels from mountain sections to the lowlands. The BionX engine with its power sensing capability enhances the pedal feature to ensure that you aren’t left puffing and panting after a ride.According to EH Line, customers can avail of the bike in any color they choose. This means that you could be left owning a Street Racer in a unique shade.

Via: Crazyengineers

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