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Subsea limousine: C-Explorer 5 submarine by U-Boat Worx

U-Boat Worx, submarine manufacturers from the Netherlands, have come up with a staggering submarine which they’ve unveiled on the occasion of the 22nd Monaco Yacht Show, during this September. Dubbed the C-Explorer 5 – CE5 -, the people behind it call the device “the world’s first subsea limousine”.
The process of manufacturing has taken roughly two years, the works at the vessel having been started in 2010. Boasting with the ability to cozily accommodate four people plus the pilot and featuring a state of the art air conditioning system, the CE5 comes with a pressurized hull which enables it dive at as much as 300 meters deep with a top speed of 3 knots.
The CE5 is powered by a cluster of high capacity lithium-ion batteries which ensure it with 8 hours of operational autonomy. There is also an optional upgrade to 16 hours of autonomy. In addition, in case of emergency, the submarine can provide an additional 96 hours of emergency life support. In terms of propulsion, the horizontal and vertical movements are being handled by two pairs of 2 kW thrusters. There’s an available upgrade for these as well, buyers being able to choose two supplementary 1.2 kW thrusters.

source: luxatic.com

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