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Yamaha Mio Soul pimped out Big Matic style

Asian modders and custom bike makers may not exactly be at the top of the list in their segment but they do, every now and then, present us with something that is truly spectacular and breathtaking and makes us realize that custom-bike making is not a genre limited to choppers.
West Java Province, Indonesia-based modder Dasep Patroman Banjar pimped out a Yamaha Mio Soul which is an automatic CVT transmission-fitted petite moped-slash-scooter with an Air Cooled, 4-stroke, 2 Valve SOHC, 113.7 cc engine that has a max output of 5.98 kW and a max torque of 7.53 Nm. These specs may not be impressive to European and American modders more used to big bhp bikes but apparently the vehicle is one of the most popular models for customizers in the region and this pimped out Mio Soul is the perfect specimen of the Big Matic style of customization.Though the modders wanted to stay as true to the Big Matic style of customization popular in this part of the world, they also wanted to ensure that the scooter could be legally ridden into the street and posed no safety concerns to the rider or others on the streets. Ade Badzay of D-art Modified (DM) provided the badass graphics on the cheery red and white-painted exterior of the vehicle that was fitted with a custom made extra wide 25 cm rear wheel and fitted with custom Swallow 140/55-14 and 160/55/14 tires.The footing of the mod has also been expanded to ensure that the extra trimmings on the vehicle’s frame do not cause the scooter to topple over when being driven at slower speeds. Fiberglass was used to fashion the paneling and other components to ensure that the vehicle remains lightweight. But what makes this mod truly spectacular is the fact that it comes with a fully functioning sound system including an LCD screen and subwoofers plugged into capacitor banks. The modders have not revealed how their sound system overpowers the decibel levels of the busy traffic but that’s kinda beside the point when you have a scooter that looks like this.With crazy body panels and a sound system, this Yamaha Mio Soul mod is enough of a traffic stopper and a head turner on its own though it also has a few awards under its belt to prove that it’s a top dog in its segment, even with the milky white and cherry red paint job!

Via: Solusi Mobil

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