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Mirror-finished Bugatti Veyron

To mark the opening of the new Autostadt pavilion in the ‘Premium Clubhouse’ section of the popular Volkswagen Group theme park, the company unveiled a new mirror-finish Bugatti Veyron that sits in a room full of mirrors. The Premium Clubhouse is a display of architecture, art, and design, and was created as a wing in the 25-hectare park to represent VW Group's multi-brand luxury and premium division.
The highlight of the Premium Clubhouse is the new mirror-finish Veyron, which is actually a piece of artwork created by Olaf Nicolai. Working site-specifically, Nicolai creates mental spaces in which he explores aesthetic perceptions.

With the Veyron, Nicolai has attempted to showcase the technical intricacies of the supercar by using its flat planes to allow the observer to see themself reflected back ad infinitum from the mirrors. “A phenomenon of endless play-back in which both the boundaries of the space and the boundary between object and observer are blurred,” he explained.

The Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany, is described by VW as a theme park that invites its visitors to explore the world of mobility. Last year alone it attracted almost two million guests.
Via: Auto-News
Mirror finish Bugatti Veyron

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