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Wider 42´ Yacht fitted with steering wheel inspired by the world of Formula 1

The luxury motor yacht Wider 42’, developed by well known Italian builder Wider Yachts and designed by respected Fulvio De Simoni, provides a top performance, thanks to her innovative technological solutions, starting with the special structure of the steering wheel, openly inspired by the world of Formula 1.
This mould-breaking solution enables the Wider 42´ yacht to incorporate a large number of on-board controls in a single tool and notably reduce the equipment on the helm station.The multifunctional steering wheel, developed in association with Acson Marine-Naviop and Tastitalia technology and featuring the aesthetics of studio Box 104, has a built-in multiview display similar to that of a single seater boat, showing all the information necessary for sailing. Entirely touchscreen, it makes it possible to steer the yacht with everything in sight. The central body with the display and buttons is fixed and only the steering wheel turns. This system makes it possible to manage the yacht at all times, and the graphic layout of the messages makes them immediately understandable. How much each engine is being used is always displayed, as are the water temperature and oil pressure values. Users can read the consumption, range, the state of the throttle or rudder angle or look at images from the bow telecamera, switch on/off the navigation and cockpit lights. The flaps and trim of the Arneson transmissions are adjusted using the side buttons. A quick guide is also offered, for eventual manual operations on the side extensions.

The steering wheel has an essential helm station which includes a GPSMap® 7012 Garmin chart plotter equipped with a 12.1 inch touchscreen display that controls all the propulsion systems, and the new G-Motion™ technology, which allows for extraordinary smoothness when passing from one screen to another. In this way, the steering wheel becomes an out and out on-board computer which facilitates navigation – considerably increasing the manoeuvrability of the yacht – just as it helps manage Formula 1 cars during each and every stage of a competition.

“As a great fan of Formula 1,” declares Tilli Antonelli, President of Wider “I’ve always been interested in the evolution of the technology used in car races, and indeed took inspiration from this whilst designing the multifunctional steering wheel which so strongly characterises the Wider 42’, contributing added value in terms of the functionality and control of the yacht.”

source: charterworld.com

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