Ok let’s take a little break from our July drifting fixation and look at a very different type of modified car: the Killer Customs built 1966 Pro Touring style Chevy Nova.
Those of you who have been around American cars for the past few decades will know that the big trend in hot rods and street machines for many years has been the Pro Street style. The aim was to take a street car and make it look and perform like a full drag race machine; capable of outrageous 1/4 mile times, but still vaguely street legal. This was the de-facto standard for many, many years in the muscle car world. This all changed though when the Pro Touring style emerged a few years ago. Suddenly people wanted to make their classic American cars handle, accelerate and brake like modern performance machines. They wanted the style of a classic car but with the advantages of 40 years of technological development. A new style was born.

Source: http://www.speedhunters.com

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