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W Motors Hyper-sport

W Motors, a brand new automotive company based in Lebanon, have just announced their arrival to the world. At a swanky evening party in the grounds of the Sursock Palace in Beirut, founder Ralph R Debbas introduced the car to a select number of local politicians, VIPs and industry professionals.
W Motors have wisely chosen not to go it alone in their supercar endeavours. To assist them they’ve enlisted the help of three highly experienced automotive companies. STUDIOTORINO will help with the car’s design, RUF Automobile Germany will help  with the car’s development, and Magna Steyr Torino will help with the car’s construction. Representatives of all three companies made an appearance at the W Motors launch event.Debbas said of his new venture: “We will be launching 2 different lines of vehicles, the Hyper-sport and the Super-sport. Our first model, the Hyper-sport, will be limited to 5 cars worldwide and will be labeled as the most exclusive high performance car ever made. With signature diamond encrusted LED lights, it is also the most luxurious sports car in the world. In addition, the Hyper-sport W will be the first and only car to ever integrate a fully functional holographic display with interactive motion, gaining years of innovation ahead of competition. This car is simply unique in every single way; every element has been meticulously engineered to give the right balance between power, torque and speed, delivering the ultimate driving machine for a unique driving experience”.
The W Motors Hyper-sport will make its first appearance in Dubai December 2012. This will be followed by the public launch at the Qatar Motor Show in January 2013

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