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Max Wedge and Hemi are the two most famous words in Mopar history. They have inspired several generations of Mopar enthusiasts to go faster and quicker than those that preceded them. These two engines can be directly linked to the spirit of the first 300C – a spirit of drive and determination coupled with engineering innovation and thinking “out of the box”. These traits have been a part of Mopar history since 1937 and continue today with exciting new products such as the Drag Paks, 426 crate engines and the Mopar 12. In 1964, the culmination of the inspiration to create performance parts was fully realized in Max Wedge and Hemi performance. Named Max Wedge to distinguish its combustion chamber shape from the famous Gen 2 Racing Hemi introduced in 1964, both Hemi and Wedge cars would become terrors on the street, strip and track. Available with a Chrysler built 4-speed transmission for the first time, the racer could still opt for the famous Torqueflite. With original horsepower ratings up to 425, the 426 ci designation continues to be revered by today’s Mopar enthusiast. With a signature cross ram manifold, still sold today by Mopar Performance in both Hemi and Max Wedge versions, these special vehicles are the stars at auctions across the country. Built in very limited numbers they have been cloned by countless enthusiasts and can still be seen at both local and national event drag races. The 1963 and 1964 Max Wedge cars, along with the 1964 426 Hemi car, truly represent the birth of the modern Mopar brand and are benefactors of the original notion of a line of Mopar Performance parts.

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