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In 1965, Dodge, Plymouth and Mopar took altering the wheelbase for better traction to a new level; moving the front wheels forward by 10 inches and the rears by 15 inches. This innovative engineering move was the result of facing competitors with smaller and lighter cars. The resulting cars looked “funny” and a new class of drag racing was born, leading to today’s Funny Cars. With acid dipped bodies and light weight components, these race cars went to select racers who campaigned them in both sanctioned and match race competition. Starting with carburetors and evolving to fuel injection and finally superchargers, the speeds rose and the ET’s dipped to levels previously only reached by dragsters. Today these famous match race AWB Mopar’s are some of the rarest and most valuable cars ever produced. Tom Hoover, Dick Landy, Jim Thornton and a host of other Mopar legends became household names for their exploits in these cars. This innovative thinking is carried over into all performance and service parts offered by Mopar for increased customer value.

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