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1968 Camaro SS

The 1968 Chevrolet Camaro was unchanged as it entered its second year of production, although a close inspection would reveal the addition of new front and rear side marker lights. Chevrolet boasted that the 1968 Camaro SS was dedicated to the fun crowd. The white paint throughout this car, is highlighted with silver stripes painted on the hood and trunk and clear coated. Front and rear bumpers are like new. You want a car to remember those years you spent growing up admiring muscle cars? And not just a car to sit in your garage collecting dust? Then look no further this car is just perfect for you!
What else can you do to a iconic Camaro to catch attention other than to keep it detailed and shiny? Simply just turn it into a road-carving monster.

This 1968 Camaro was spared no expense when it came to getting from 0-60 mph faster than most production cars.
A new 2" cowl induction hood was added to allow more air to reach the engine.
Starting with the engine, the original one was ripped out and in its place sits a 496 Stroker with and estimated 550 + hp. Helping the engine gather that much horsepower was the addition of some internal goodies to make any car enthusiast blush.
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