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1971 Plymouth Hemi

The car on the picture is the “personal” 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda of the Beach Boy singer Al Jardine. This muscle car was highly touted in the run-up to the auction block next week at the Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale, Ariz, but pulled from sale on Friday.The reason is that the vehicle had been reported stolen in 1975, in St. Louis. A few hours later, however, Scottsdale police said it was all a misunderstanding, and Barrett-Jackson reinstated the car.It seems that the problem was a ’71 Plymouth with that VIN had indeed been reported stolen, but after that it was recovered and there was no update in the police database.

What’s more – such thing could happen when a less desirable version of a model is upgraded by customizers to the most sought-after version. For instance, a ‘71 Cuda with a 6-cylinder engine may have a Hemi V-8 swap. But this car customized in plum-and-white, had been advertised by Barrett-Jackson as “Al Jardine’s, of the original Beach Boys, personal Hemi ‘Cuda re-creation. It has been built for Jardine to his specifications and is titled in his name.via:http://www.hot-blood-bs.com

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