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While there were some slight differences in the 1972 models as compared to 1971 cars, which were the first of the second-generation Javelins, perhaps the biggest story was the new warranty plan, which was applied to all AMC cars. At a time when some car companies offered only a 90 day warranty, AMC offered the “Buyer Protection Plan,” which covered everything but tires for 12 months or 12,000 miles. At least partly as a result, sales were up 5.5 percent for the company over total sales from the year before, though Javelin sales once again declined, as they had every year since they were introduced.
The new egg crate grille was mimicked on the rear of the car, where a similar chrome overlay was placed over the taillights that spanned the entire width of the rear of the car. AMX models, however, can be distinguished because they retained 1971’s mesh-like grille.
Engine options remained exactly the same as they had been in 1971, though new government regulations requiring horsepower to be expressed as a net rating rather than gross appeared to strip the cars of power, when in reality, they had just about the same performance. Once again, two six-cylinder engines were available, the base 232 CID six, now rated at 100 horsepower, and the 258 CID six, which increased that horsepower rating by 10. There were four V8s to choose from, a 304 CID engine producing 150 horsepower and two 360 CID engines (a 2- and 4-barrel version) producing 175 and 195 horsepower. Finally, at the top was a 401 CID V8 that had been introduced the previous year and was now rated at 255 horsepower.
As mentioned before, total production was down from the previous year, just like it had been every year since the Javelin was introduced. This year, the drop was about 10 percent from the previous year, and production was at 26,184.via:http://www.american-monsters.com/

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