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Corporate success guarantees nothing in the cutthroat world of custom bikes. After tasting big-league success with Bank of America and Compass Technologies, CJ Hanlon seeks to savor the lingering sweetness of success in his newest enterprise, Guilty Customs, and has been busy assembling the cogs for his latest business machine.
It starts with a businessman who has the know-how of the Fortune 500 corporate world but who also has been breaking bikes down and building them back up as long as he can remember. Throw in a self-motivator who grew up in the Bondo dust of a body shop where he honed his talent doing custom paint jobs and breathing life into vintage vehicles. Stir in the all-around talent of an MMI-trained shop foreman with fabrication and body-work skills and you have the foundation for Guilty Customs.
In May of 2006, shop owner Hanlon utilized his business savvy when he merged two respected local shops from the Apopka, Florida, area: Jason Gray Customs and Orgazmic Choppers into Guilty Customs. Since the merge, Guilty Customs has used venues like Sturgis and Biketoberfest to put its foot in the door of the custom bike building industry.
When asked about how Guilty would survive in the ultra-competitive, overcrowded custom chopper market that’s ready to chew up and spit out any pretenders, Hanlon coolly responded.via:http://www.hot-blood-bs.com/

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