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Rising Sun’s Orange ’69 Camaro

First-generation Camaros are one of the most defining cars of the muscle car era. Not only are they distinct compared to their rival pony cars, they’re also Chevrolet’s original sales car, a vehicle that hit big when it was released and led to the production of many future generations. But it’s not just us enthusiasts here in the States that enjoy our bowtie queen. In fact, we recently found out from our friends at TCI Engineering that there is one bad little ‘Maro trumping everything in its path all the way over in Japan. Need we say more?
This 1969 Camaro RS built by Japan-based Rising Sun Engineering & Speed, and owned by shop owner Hideyuki Yamamoto, is one fine piece of automotive machinery. Just one look will have you drooling thanks to the expertly laid Dupont Orange paint, but what’s underneath the car is even more jaw-dropping.

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