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The TrakRok Concept from Canadian designer Alexei Mikhailov is so many different shades of awesome it’s difficult to know where to start. The TrakRok Concept fuses design elements from snowmobiles and quad bikes in order to produce a radical vehicle which can tackle, snow, mud, gravel and other off-road surfaces with ease.Each front wheel of the TrakRok gets its own dedicated electric motor, and because the rear track is also powered, again by an electric motor, the TrakRok should be able to drag itself though even the most inhospitable terrain.All the electric power comes courtesy of a hydrogen fuel cell which is mounted deep within the main bulk of the vehicle to keep it out of harms way. The TrakRok’s fuel cell is also protected by an additional durable casing which completely envelops it. To keep it cool, a pair of radiators are located at the front of the vehicle.The eye-catching anodized aluminium swingarm with its multitude of triangular holes is designed to be both light and strong, as are the two smaller assemblies which hold the front wheels. The seat subframe with its milled aluminium design looks particularly good.Of course I’d love to be able to tell you the TrakRok will be in the shops before next Christmas, but it won’t. The closest the TrakRok Concept got to production was when Alexei built a scale model as part of his Industrial Design degree at Humber College, Canada.

Source: amv-design.com via carbodydesign.com

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