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Amphibious Scamander redefines RVs with amazing off-roading capabilities

What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘RV’? A vehicle that houses basic amenities you would need in order to survive as well as living quarters. Coming a long way from the Gypsy homes of the 19th century, recreational vehicles like the Volkswagen Camper and the Dodge motorhome offered users a home away from home and were perfect for long distance trips as they didn’t require you to spend the night in a hotel. But a new RV looks set to change that idea with basic amenities and living quarters taking a backseat in lieu of amazing off-roading and water-conquering abilities.
Meet the Scamander, an all-terrain RV that’s got everyone talking with its aggressive and muscular appearance and dynamic capabilities.The Scamander is the design of Peter Wheeler, the former owner of British boutique automaker TVR who passed away before seeing his creation come to life. Based on the comments posted on numerous blogs extolling the creation, Wheeler would be pleased to know that he might just have reinvented the term ‘RV’.what exactly is the Scamander capable of? For starters, it’s powerful owing to the V6 engine it’s been fitted with that outputs about 300 horses. This takes it to top speeds of 120 mph and a 0 to 60 mph sprint time of 8 seconds. And that’s not all, the RV can even tackle waters so if you ever wanted to cross that river to get to the other side, you can plough through with relative ease.The Scamander resembles a vehicle you’d see in a Hollywood flick: big, powerful and just plain robust. It was brought to life thanks to Wheeler’s wife and a bevy of engineers who decided that the vehicle was just too awesome to ignore. We agree and were it not for them, the Scamander would probably have been relegated to a corner and we wouldn’t have been honored to witness a revolutionary new machine.
Via: Autoblog/Hooniverse

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