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Twin Trax: A low, long and mean looking beast

The German Motorcycle Authority has a bike in its arsenal that makes you go ‘wow’. Low, long and very mean looking, the Twin Trax seems to be a cross between a cruiser and something more sporty, so long that you could virtually lie flat. This offering from the custom makers is powerful too, featuring two 80 hp 1.35-liter Harley Davidson S&S Evolution engines.
Built and owned by Christoph Madaus in Cologne, Germany, the motorcycle has a wheelbase of 2060mm with an overall length of 2710mm and a height of 990mm. There’s no word on just how fast this baby goes or even how much torque it generates. But considering its powerful engines are mated to a 5-speed H-D with Andrew gears, we figure it’ll give others some pretty decent competition.front and rear wheels are Metzeler ME880 tires while the front pegs, mirrors, fenders and oil cooler are Twintrax aluminum. The rugged and dull paint color was conceptualized by Madaus himself while the actual job was undertaken by Nicolay/ Bernd Bolten and Wolfgang Pohlscheid (Wolpo).The German Motorcycle Authority has several motorcycles under belt, most bearing a look that is rugged and naked. The Billy Bob, with a curb weight of 251 kg, features an air-cooled 45-degree V-MotorOHV with an Evolution-style RevTech 110cui engine. With an output of 115 hp, it may not be the fastest, but looks like a motorcycle you’d find bike lovers hankering after.The Flying Tigers FXR, meanwhile, gives an output of 66 hp and is equipped with an Evolution engine. Painted a sky blue, it deviates from the look of the rest in the German Motorcycle Authority’s arsenal but its powerful frame will put critics to silence. The custom Harley Davidson KHRM, on the other hand, uses a stock Sportster from the XL Series which has been turned into a street legal racing bike.

Via: Germanmotorcycleauthority/Theawesomer

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