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Batmobile lookalike 'The Punisher' armored 4x4 set to join Russian armory

Russia or any other superpower in the world doesn’t really dispel information about its latest military acquisition with ease, leaving only a few dry press releases and a few pre-approved pictures for the public to see. With the secrecy that surrounds the Russian military, it’s only natural that the latest addition to their fleet also draws a lot of attention even though information about it as sparse as they get.
This single picture of a mysterious four wheeled addition to the Russian armed forces has been found circulating around the blogosphere even though information about it is very rare still. Tentatively dubbed The Punisher, the vehicle is speculated to be a Kamskiy Avtomobilny Zavod (Kamaz) creation and the armored vehicle will possibly be used by the Russian Army and Interior Ministry.The vehicle bears an uncanny resemblance to another multipurpose armored personnel carrier already in service in the Russian military called the BPM-97. The 4x4 was deployed in escort and patrol missions, peacekeeping, troop and cargo transportation with the transportation of valuable goods and explosives being its secondary function. The Punisher, given its close resemblance to the BPM-97, too may be given the same roles though without any details on the project from official sources, anything we say can only be speculation at best.

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