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Crashed Ferrari Enzo Emerges As Edo ZXX

You may remember about a year ago an Edo-tuned Ferrari Enzo crashed into the ocean during the 2011 Targa Newfoundland rally. The footage of the incident was too painful to forget. An Enzo is not a car you can just scrap and forget about it. So the owner decided to bring it back to life. Here it is, emerging as an FXX-inspired Enzo, called the ZXX.
They have fitted the car with a modified FXX bod kit that differs in places from the original. It also gets new Edo competition wheels, a new exhaust system, and a heavily tuned V12 engine that reportedly makes 950 horsepower. That should make it the most powerful Enzo in the world. It has more HP than the FXX, more than Edo’s own FXX Evo even. They need to be careful with this now. They don’t want to crash it again, especially now that it has so much power.

The ZXX also gets a fancy two-tone yellow and white paint job with unique graphics. The cost of repair an tuning remains undisclosed.

via Autoblog.nl

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