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Sonic Wind rocket car eyes land speed record at 2000 mph

Here is great news for speed lovers, who crave to move at the speed of a bullet. A Californian man has created a rocket car, which he claims can move at a speed of almost 2000 mph. Yes, you read it right! The land rocket vehicle, christened Sonic Wind, will move at very high speeds and leave everyone wheezing.
British-designed Thrust SSC holds the current land speed record that stands at 763.025 mph or 1227.986 km/h, which was set in the year 1997. The craving to cross the 1000 mph or 1609.344 km/h mark in the coming years has been shown by two teams. One is the successor of thrust named Bloodhound SSC and the other is Aussie Invader 5R. But, for Waldo Stakes, 1000 mph was not enough and he created a land rocket that can touch a whooping speed of 2000 mph or 3218.688 km/h.

But, there is no stopping for Waldo. He is aiming to come up with something that will touch a top speed of more than 2000 km/h faster than the present record. This means the car will roll at a speed of approximately 900 meters per second. The creator has been working on the Sonic Wind Land Speed Research Vehicle project from the past nine years. The car will be very stable and the most powerful creation to rule the planet in coming times. All the acting forces will be used ingeniously to make sure the car is stable when it moves at an unbelievable speed.

Sonic Wind will fetch all the power to move at a monstrous speed from a recycled XLR99 rocket engine. The XLR99 rocket engine was crafted to propel an experimental X-15 plane by NASA in the 1950s. In the year 1976, the X-15 plane made a flight speed record of 4520 mph or 7274 km/h, which stands unbeaten till date. The rocket engine used in the Sonic Wind will be able to produce a thrust measuring 61,000 pounds, which will be possible because of the combination of methanol fuel and liquid oxygen.

Negative lift will be increased as the body of the rocket car alters its plane a bit in the nose area, creating shock waves on the front wheels. These shocks along with the ones radiated downward from the rear bi-wedge tail fins will be exploited in a great way during roll control. The rocket car will move ahead at a supersonic speed, which will be an experience in itself. Sonic Wind has a sleek and curvy silhouette, which adds to its overall sumptuousness. Now, all we have to see is who gets to savor the experience of moving ahead at a speed of 2000 mph, which will definitely manage to send in a lot of chill thrills.

Via: Caradvice

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