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Golden Batmobile will help Bruce Wayne blend in with his homies from the hood

Bruce Wayne AKA Batman may be worth $6.9 billion according to the 2012 Forbes Fictional 15 (which ranks fictional characters according to their net worth) but were sure that the billionaire playboy/nerd in disguise/vigilante would never go around flashing his moolah in this rather tacky looking gold-finished Batmobile.
An insult to the classic vehicle that has garnered cult status over the years for being classy, sophisticated and just oh-so-masculine, this golden Batmobile doppelganger created by the good folks over at Gotham Garage is one of the finest examples of why covering vehicles in gold is one of the more worthless things you can do as a custom automaker/tuner.In the fictional universe of DC comics, Batman is one of the less bizarre superheroes even though he too insists on wearing his underwear on top of his pants, has a penchant for capes, boots and weird headgear and his daily commuter of choice, the iconic Batmobile, has been hailed as one the of most realistic bits of technology popularized by the genre. However, covering it in gold might make it more suited to a Batman who prefers to wear oversized sports jerseys and massive gold chains and crawls through streets blasting gangsta rap on his expensive Bose sound system as he enjoys a joint or two with his homie Robin rather than the somber and sophisticated superhero that we all love and adore.Since the deep black paint finish of the Batmobile allows it to move stealthily through the night and creep up on bad guys, covering the vehicle in gold would actually have the exact opposite effect. The golden monstrosity might as well have a big flashing neon sign installed on top saying “Batman inside: target missiles here”.

Via: Tech E Blog/Gotham Garage

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