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SSP’s Vossen Wheel-fitted Nissan GT-R is a really mean machine

The Nissan GT-R is one of the most notable supercars to have ever come out of Japan. Even though the vehicle comes with a more than admirable twin-turbo 3.8L V6 engine with various states of tune allowing it to output anything between 480 hp and 545 hp (depending on the generation of the vehicle), the model sadly cannot even be slotted in the same league as the Lambos and the Ferraris.
The reason behind this lack of status is quite simple too- the Nissan GT-R just doesn’t come with the kind of flamboyant bits and cabin luxuries that set performance-based “luxury” supercars apart from the regular old fast and furious kinds.However, Texas-based automobile tuner and maintenance experts South Side Performance has really done an outstanding job at taking the profile of the otherwise modest supercar up a few notches. The South Side Performance Nissan GT-R comes with new exterior fittings like a custom exhaust, a brand new diffuser and a swanky new splitter. The vehicle has also been given a new boot and a roll cage while the new racing softens the otherwise sparse interior landscape of the Japanese supercar.But what really sets the SSP Nissan GT-R apart from the competition is the new 20-inch custom-created VVS-CV7 Vossen wheels. The wheels are finished in a svelte matte graphite which contrasts with the glossy red finish of the vehicle and makes the beast look really, really mean on the streets.

Via: Auto Evolution

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