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Here comes the big daddy of all the shopping carts on wheels!

Going grocery shopping with the entire family is a lot of fun.
However, getting everyone’s purchases from the store to the car and fitting all the shopping bags inside a single car with someone or the other disagreeing on a particular purchase is as hellish an experience as it can get. Luckily, Texas-based H-E-B AKA H-E-B Grocery Stores AKA HEB Grocery Company came up with an ingenious idea that can help larger families go shopping in well-stocked H-E-B stores together and come back with as much stuff as they could possibly fit in their home without worrying about breaking the eggs stored in the boot or leg space for passengers in the vehicle on the ride back.Of course this Texas-sized hot rod shopping cart that H-E-B had custom made for promoting their 315-store strong brand at local events and parades may not be an ideal vehicle when you’re heading out to work or picking up the kids from school, but it definitely beats the heck out of trying to cramp in a few weeks’ worth of groceries in a single family car.The gas-driven giant cart is almost as tall as an average home and can comfortably seat a couple, their kids, grandparents, family pets and even a few neighbors that need a lift.

Via: Woo Home/Laughing Squid

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