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1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 Pro Touring

This muscle car is likely the most capable ZL-1 powered 1969 Camaro on the planet. To take it one step further, likely the most capable ZL-1 powered car, period. The owner took a great heritage of the ZL-1 and surrounded it with the best money can buy. The engine was built by one of the most reputable engine builders on the West coast from scratch with this exact application in mind. As you are about to see, everything on this car is top shelf and some of the best shops and manufacturers in the industry have been called on to contribute to the finished product.
This car has been sorted out extensively on the road and track. You can literally call it a car show, road race, autocross, drag race, and drive to and from the track in one weekend in this car. While it’s a dominator on the track, it has the modern sports car feel on the road we all desire. The ride, brakes, and steering are phenomenal. The handling and braking is a couple rungs up the ladder. It’s got unbelievable linear power but it will lope down the interstate at 1800 rpm in overdrive with the AC on and tunes blasting. It’s been tested to take any curve ball you can throw at it. It has proved to be extremely reliable with no mechanical failures of any type on the road or track after the ZL-1 was installed.

This car doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk. Not only does it look great, it performs! It runs 0-100-0 in the 13 second range which is Corvette ZR1/Z06 & Dodge Viper territory. It also runs in the 11’s down the quarter mile. However, this car really shines in the handling department. This is the ultimate litmus test for a pro touring car. Check out some of the features :

· Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational on Speed TV(2010)
· Super Chevy Magazine Feature Car(Coming Soon)
· Camaro Performers Magazine(2010,2011)
· Car Craft Magazine(2010)
· Super Chevy Show Winner(2011)
· Lateral-G Feature Car(2010)
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