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Shark Submarine

If you liked our previously featured ⋆ Whale Submarine, you’re going to absolutely love this Seabreacher Shark Submarine.
Don’t let the word submarine fool you. This water vessel has been packed with a 260 horsepower supercharged 4 ⋆ engine that allows the shark submarine to reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour under water, and a blazing 50 miles per hour while riding along the surface. In order to help the driver navigate, Seabreacher has outfitted the vehicle with a snorkel mounted camera that will transmit live video right to the LCD screens located inside the submarine. Other conveniences include a built in GPS navigation and who wants to cruise through the ocean without some music blasting from the integrated iPod stereo system? See the video of this thing in action below.[Via:http://hiconsumption.com/]

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